New baby visiting user-flow

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Here’s a handy user-flow to make sure that you’re a good guest when visiting a new baby.

Remember: parents of newborns are tired as heck. It’s up to you to be as helpful as possible for them.

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Follow these points in order and you’ll be the best type of guest:

  1. The new parents will arrange a date and time with you. Be prompt, but don’t be early. Never be early. The reason is that they will probably be frantically tidying up and feeding the baby before you arrive. It takes a lot of effort to create a serene, baby cuddling environment.
  2. Arrive with food. Any food will do, but just take food with you. I recommend savoury food that they can reheat for meals.
  3. When you get in their home, immediately congratulate the parents. Focus those congratulations on whoever gave birth to the child if applicable.
  4. If there are existing children, say hi to them before you acknowledge the new baby. I also recommend that you bring them a small gift if they are young. Remember: these kid’s little lives have just been turned upside down. If you rock up and ignore them, they’ll feel pretty sad about it.
  5. Make everyone in the house a drink. Don’t offer, just do it.
  6. Tidy up the kitchen while you wait for the teas to brew. This will be hugely appreciated.
  7. Now, make your way to where the baby is and take a seat. Only cuddle the baby if the opportunity is given. Don’t ask to cuddle the baby.
  8. If the baby cries, hand them to the parents immediately. There’s no room for a “hero” here.
  9. Don’t stay for any longer than 2 hours. If you can, aim for an hour instead. Folks need time to catch their breathe in these situations, so don’t become a burden.

Follow these steps and you’ll be a pleasure to have around in what is a very testing time for new parents.

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