I make a lot of stuff, so this is an ever updating list of selected projects, roughly ordered from new to old.

Thanks for the reply, Guy! permalink

Reply-guys in your mentions? How about you give them a sarcastic pat on the back with a trophy?

Piccalilli (re-launching soon!) permalink

Dang spicy design and front-end development tutorials and courses. Also includes a newsletter which is a pickle jar full of curated CSS links to slick websites, animations, illustrations, and algorithms.

Front-End Challenges Club permalink

Quick, fun challenges and solutions to help you to master front-end development.

Jotter permalink

A tiny little progressively enhanced jot pad progressive web app.

Modern CSS Reset permalink

A bare-bones CSS reset for modern web development.

Companies that work with ICE permalink

An open source list of companies that have, or currently work with ICE.

Notion tricks permalink

⚠️ Very new and in progress

A little Notion-powered blog that features Notion tips and tricks.

Global date and time permalink

It’s handy to see what time it is for you and every other major timezone sometimes, so I made a thing that does exactly that.

Music blog permalink

I really like music. I listen to a heck of a lot, so I share some of my favourite stuff on there.

CSS From Scratch permalink

⚠️ Very much a work in progress

A book where I teach you to write CSS from day zero. Sign up for updates.

Hylia permalink

A lightweight Eleventy starter kit with Netlify CMS pre-configured, so that you can one-click install a progressive, accessible blog in minutes. It also gives you a well organised starting point to extend yourself.

Hebra permalink

A skeletal Eleventy starter kit that gives you nothing but good ol’ HTML and an RSS feed. It serves as the ideal kick-off point for your projects.

Every Layout permalink

My pal, Heydon and I teach you how to distill common layout problems into resilient, flexible layout solutions using good ol’ CSS.

Stalfos permalink

⚠️ Extremely under development

A (S)CSS boilerplate/framework that helps you get a solid structure with a handy utility/token class generator.

Tatl permalink

A tiny base component to guide you to a consistent Web Component authoring experience.

Developurrs permalink

An interview series where I talk to web professionals about their beloved pets...and tech, I suppose.

My Browser permalink

A handy little tool that tells you info about a browser and generates an easily shared report. Handy for tech support and debugging.

Beedle permalink

A tiny library inspired by Redux & Vuex to help you manage state in your JavaScript apps.

NPM Uninstall Facebook permalink

A list of Facebook projects or projects that rely heavily on Facebook tech, with alternatives, so you can uninstall Facebook from your life.

Personal Sites permalink

I love personal websites, so I collect them!

Dev Pal permalink

Learning front-end development is tough and sometimes it’s helpful to ask someone a question. That's where Dev Pal steps in as your pal for help and advice.

TypeMate permalink

TypeMate is a little JavaScript module that fixes your typesetting woes automatically. Right now it only fixes orphans, but the plan is to add more filters in the future.

Boilerform permalink

Boilerform is a little HTML and CSS boilerplate to take the pain away from working with forms.