I make a lot of stuff, so this is an ever updating list of selected projects, roughly ordered from new to old.

Learn Eleventy From Scratch Course permalink

Learn how to build a stunning website from scratch, using Eleventy, bleeding-edge front-end technologies and web development best practices—all powered by a resilient asset pipeline.

CSS From Scratch Course (in progress) permalink

Learn CSS from day zero on this course that contains fun, practical examples and demos that will kick-start your CSS learning journey. Sign up for updates.

CUBE CSS (in progress) permalink

A CSS methodology oriented towards simplicity and consistency with a heavy dosage of pragmatism. More content and docs on the way.

Gorko permalink

A tiny, Sass-powered utility class generator, with handy helpers, that helps you to power your front-ends with a single source of truth.

Piccalilli permalink

Dang Spicy tutorials and courses to level you up as a front⁠-⁠end developer and designer. Also features a weekly newsletter.

Thanks for the reply, Guy! permalink

Reply-guys in your mentions? How about you give them a sarcastic pat on the back with a trophy?

Jotter permalink

A tiny little progressively enhanced jot pad progressive web app.

Modern CSS Reset permalink

A bare-bones CSS reset for modern web development.

Companies that work with ICE permalink

An open source list of companies that have, or currently work with ICE.

Global date and time permalink

It’s handy to see what time it is for you and every other major timezone sometimes, so I made a thing that does exactly that.

Hylia permalink

A lightweight Eleventy starter kit with Netlify CMS pre-configured, so that you can one-click install a progressive, accessible blog in minutes. It also gives you a well organised starting point to extend yourself.

Hebra permalink

A skeletal Eleventy starter kit that gives you nothing but good ol’ HTML and an RSS feed. It serves as the ideal kick-off point for your projects.

Every Layout permalink

My pal, Heydon and I teach you how to distill common layout problems into resilient, flexible layout solutions using good ol’ CSS.

Tatl permalink

A tiny base component to guide you to a consistent Web Component authoring experience.

Developurrs permalink

An interview series where I talk to web professionals about their beloved pets...and tech, I suppose.

My Browser permalink

A handy little tool that tells you info about a browser and generates an easily shared report. Handy for tech support and debugging.

Beedle permalink

A tiny library inspired by Redux & Vuex to help you manage state in your JavaScript apps.

NPM Uninstall Facebook permalink

A list of Facebook projects or projects that rely heavily on Facebook tech, with alternatives, so you can uninstall Facebook from your life.

TypeMate permalink

TypeMate is a little JavaScript module that fixes your typesetting woes automatically. Right now it only fixes orphans, but the plan is to add more filters in the future.

Boilerform permalink

A little HTML and CSS boilerplate to take the pain away from working with forms.