What I searched for in a day of fighting with PHP

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Inspired by Sophie and Chris’s recent posts, I thought I’d share with you what a day of me fighting with PHP looks like in a search engine.

I’m proper rubbish at PHP, so days like today are a real struggle, as you’ll see. I dunno if this search history will help or not, but I like being transparent and showing that it’s not all good days.

Searches permalink

  • Vim set spaces 4 - yup, old project time
  • Stripe get subscription PHP - their docs are super good
  • PHP isnull - I knew what I was looking for, but clearly got it wrong
  • Craft 2 redirect plugin - I wanted to redirect within a plugin, but of course, thanks to SEO, I got loads of plugins I didn’t want
  • Craft 2 redirect - Ah yeh, I forgot everything is assuming that you’re in a Twig template
  • Craft 2 redirect in Controller - $this->redirect('url') for anyone interested
  • Amazon Polly - procrastination time (holy moly though, it looks good)
  • PHP if array has items - yup
  • PHP throw exception - getting there
  • css tricks search history - “I know, I’ll do one of them articles”

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