Week Notes 2

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Another day of wall-to-wall lectures today. I enjoyed this week’s content as it was all about MySQL. I’m very much a front-end person, but I enjoy mucking around with databases.

It’s still great to be re-visiting the basics of technologies every week, too.

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A very chaotic day with lots of calls. This is to be expected as I get to the end of one project and get ready to start another.

I did come up with a topic for a talk today, though, that’s related to the relentless drama in our community at the moment. It’s something that’s certainly worth putting more thought into.

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I woke up to this article about the latest Facebook bullshit and got mad as hell. I got so mad that I made NPM Uninstall Facebook while I had my morning coffee.

I hope it helps people to get away from Facebook, both personally and professionally.

Work-wise, I had a frustrating day of chasing my tail with some analytics stuff but ended on a high as I feature-finished the web-app I’ve been working on.

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I finished up (mostly, anyway) on the project that’s been consuming most of my working hours for the last couple of months. It’s been a hell of a ride with a lot learned.

I’ve spent most of the day not doing much, really. I’m going straight on to another large project next week, so I’m giving my brain a little chill time before then.

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I’ve spent 90% of my day marking assignments. I’ve found the process of marking difficult. Not because it’s hard, but because I’m at total odds with academic bullshit. Someone can create a really decent website, but get one mark away from failing because their "report" misses a few formalities.

This whole experience teaching the web in a formal, dated setting has been really eye opening. It has got me thinking about creating content to teach fundamentals at a beginner level. Maybe some sort of online course could be put together that focuses on UX, visual design, ethics and accessibility, with the three pillars of the web (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), of course.

It’s been an interesting week with a nice, slow-paced end. I need that because next week is going to be busy as heck.

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Things I’ve found (or made) throughout the week:

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