A double launch day

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I had planned to write an "introducing" post for my new website to launch it with, but this morning I had an idea; What if I collected links to personal sites so we could all subscribe to each other's feeds and get inspired by each other's work? I was going to make it a Github readme, but thought why not make it a simple website instead?

I'd be silly to launch a project like that into the wild without my brand new website, right? Of course I would, so I pushed the button and launched it!

Thanks to Zach Leatherman's fantastic Eleventy static site generator and modern CSS, I was able to put personalsit.es together while I waited for my coffee to brew. I had so much faith in CSS grid, that I didn't even test it with dummy content.

I even gave Zach a half-arsed testimonial on twitter:

It's because of your site builder being such a dream to work with! It literally took 20-30mins to get it out and shipped. It took longer for DNS to propagate.


@hankchizljaw - 23/08/2018

Maybe that can replace my current half-arsed one on the website.

I like this modern web where we can still put websites together quickly, but now we know they're going to be much more resilient, thanks to the hard work of the community to bring us CSS Grid et al.

Head over to personalsit.es and see all of the fantastic work that's already been added. Maybe even go over to the GitHub repository and add your own personal site?

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