HankChizlJaw Uses

Here’s all the stuff I use day-to-day to do my job.

Code setup permalink

I use Vim for coding and I use it within iTerm2. You can check out my Vim setup over on GitHub.

For my editor and terminal font, I use Operator Mono. I created a version of Panda Syntax for my theme.

I use VS Code and/or Sublime Merge if things get a bit hairy. I also like to have a go with Sublime Text sometimes, for old times sake.

I use IA Writer for writing nearly all content. It’s a super good, focused writing tool.

Computer stuff permalink

I have a 2019 16” MacBook Pro with an 8 core i9 processor, 1TB SSD drive and 32GB of RAM. It’s by far the best Mac I’ve ever had and I’ve been a Mac user since the original weird coloured iMacs!

I’ve got an LG 27UD88-W, 4K, 27” USB-C screen that does the job nicely. All I do is plug the ol’ MacBook in. I prefer Apple Cinema Displays but they’re long gone now.

I have a RØDE Podcaster for recording my voice.

Organisation permalink

I live in notebooks and my life revolves around my Bullet Journal, which is a LEUCHTTURM1917 Bullet Journal. I also have piles and piles of Field Notes which I use for sketches, lists and general note taking.

Notion is the beating heart for everything else. I plan content, run projects and run all client work through there.

I also use Loom loads for screencasting (especially for clients).

This website permalink

This website is a customised version of my Eleventy Theme, Hylia. You can see the source code here.

Tech it uses:

Office permalink

I like plants and have a ~Bonsai Tree, some succulents and a dangly boi~ which I have no idea what it’s called. (all the plants died 😭)

It’d be rude not to show y’all the office, so here it is!

My office desk with all of the above described items