A Family day at the Wildlife Park

We’ve been to the Cotswold Wildlife Park today. It’s very possibly our last weekend as a three before the new baby arrives, so we thought we’d take full advantage of the extra day that the bank holiday has brought us.

Brooklyn loves animals, so her mind was blown for 99% of the day. She nearly exploded when a Giraffe got within 6 feet of her.

I nearly exploded when I saw a load of Prairie Dogs. I’m a big fan on those, although I prefer to call them “Pamsters” (name courtesy of Sarah Drasner).

I also saw a sign that made me upset with its poor spelling and the use of “Expresso” rather than Espresso.

I’ve got a busy week with deadlines coming up, so a nice day out after a very chilling weekend is just what’s needed to start me off in the best possible way.

A Prairie Dog eating a snack while his pals just hang around

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