Watch list

An ever-updating list of things for me to watch. I love documentaries so please, if you stumble across something awesome, hit me up on email or Mastodon.

  • ✅ LEGO House: Home of the Brick - Netflix (trailer)
    Verdict: As with everything I watch about LEGO, my mind is blown at the intense level of detail that they go to. A great watch.
  • Icarus - Netflix (trailer)
  • Hannah Gadsby: Nanette - Netflix (trailer)
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Netflix (trailer)
  • ✅ Dark Tourist - Netflix (trailer)
    Verdict: This was surprisingly great. Definitely worth running though as it’s only 8 short episodes. Some great content and you’ll definitely learn something.
  • City of Gold - YouTube (link)
  • Runnin’ Down a Dream - YouTube (4 hours 😱) (link)
  • 13th - Netflix (trailer)
  • ✅ What Comes Next is the Future - Vimeo (link)
    Verdict: Utterly inspiring. A must watch.
  • Hells Angels BBC Documentary from 1973 - Youtube(link)

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